Spring and Summer Cocktails 2018!

After a great deal of discussion (and `testing` for quality control purposes!) we have come up with a lovely new Cocktails Menu for the Lounge Bar this spring and summer.

We really love our Grange Slammer, a veritable joy-filled experience of fruity sloe gin combined with the intoxicating Italian almond liqueur known as Amaretto, and a liberal dash of fresh orange juice and cranberry juice to finish it off. PURE HEAVEN!

Or, if you prefer something lighter with naughty bubbles tickling your nostrils, we do a perfectly delicious Prosecco Royale, with the addition of crème de cassis. Very moreish indeed! And, of course, the old favourite Bellini Prosecco with the delightful flavour of peach nectar. Mmmm!

We have also found something really different for those of you who have a spirit of adventure! Our Highland Whiskuie is a heady mix of fine Scottish whisky and Drambuie with a touch of elderflower cordial and angostura bitters over ice. Guaranteed to warm the soul!

There are oodles more to choose from, so next time you visit us at the Grange Hotel, ask one of our charming bar staff for their perfect cocktail recommendation to suit your tastes, and HEY PRESTO. Sorted.



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